Detail Packages

Choose from our detail packages below. We charge by the results we can produce, not by the hour.

Exterior Only Detail

Starting at $75

Make your vehicle shine with a professional exterior detail!

Interior Only Detail

Starting at $40

Restore the interior of your vehicle to look like new again! 

Interior & Exterior Detail

Starting at $75

A great option for making your vehicle look and feel good as new!

Maintenance Detailing

Get your vehicle detailed on a regular basis with a customized package to fit your budget and needs!

Paint Correction

Want your car to shine without a flaw? A paint correction removes scratches, swirls, and imperfections leaving a perfect, deep shine!

Winter Protection Package

Coming soon! It's time to get your vehicle protected and ready for winter!

Contact us

You can contact us by calling or texting 226-347-4434, or by requesting a quote through this website.

Choose a package

We can help you choose the best package for your vehicle's needs and your budget.

Choose a Date & Time

We operate everyday and can easily work around your busy schedule.

Get Your car detailed

We'll come to your house and detail your vehicle in the safety of your driveway.

How do I get my car detailed?

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