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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Detailing Questions, Answered!

Why choose Bro's Detailing?

Bro's Detailing values customer satisfaction above all, and we will work until you are satisfied. Every time you book a detail with Bro's Detailing, you vehicle will be detailed by the same familiar faces. As a well established business, we provide affordable services with a great value, backed by professional detail experience. Bro's Detailing also offers mobile detailing so your vehicle can be detailed in the safety of your driveway or garage while you relax in your own home. Also, unlike many detailers, we are fully licensed and insured so you can trust us with your vehicles!

Why should I pay to get my car detailed and why is it so expensive?

Professional detailing is not just about cleaning your car. It restores the vehicle to look the same as it did when new and protecting that appearance for years to come. Well maintained vehicles also hold their value very well, so if you want to protect your investment, consider a professional detailing. Also, detailing not only removes dirt, but removes bacteria and dust to make your interior a healthier environment. As for the cost, our price includes the necessary products and service, so you don't need to buy expensive detailing products that you'll only use once.

How often should I get my car detailed?

How often you should detail your car depends on your budget and needs. For the average car owner, a maintenance detail every two weeks is ideal. A deep cleaning should be done every few months or when you find your vehicle needs it.

Where can you detail my car?

Is there water? Is there power? We can work there! We offer mobile service to get the job done while your relaxing at home or while busy at work in the office. We also offer pickup and delivery where we pickup your car at any location, have it detailed and then drop it back off when it's done! Our process is designed to be easy, eliminating any potential stress or complications for our clients.

How should I prepare for my detail appointment?

We ask that you have your vehicle ready when we arrive. Please remove all valuables and large items from your trunk and interior. Glove boxes and center consoles are only cleaned and opened with customer permission. Also, water and electricity must be supplied by the customer so please have those readily available for us. The customer is not required to provide any supplies such as a vacuum or cleaning products, unless you want to!

How can I pay?

At this time we accept all payment types including debit, credit, and cash payment unless otherwise stated. Prices are not negotiable after work begins, however discounts may be given.

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